An eclectic and intentional experiment in finding balance with a splash of black & white, the Eclipse collection offers elegance and eccentricity in equal measures. Carefully-hand poured and glazed, a contrasting black and white lacquer trickles to create a stirking and distinctive first impression.

Made with stoneware clay and hand-poured with an independently formulated glaze, each piece in Eclipse stands out as a shiny, ebony and ivory-like work of art. Ideal for modern classic spaces, grand homes, hotels and eccentric boutique architecture and interior projects.

Eclipse Bottle Vase

Introduce the Eclipse Bottle Vase to your space, a captivating fusion of black and white lacquer. Ideal for modern living rooms or as a striking centerpiece on dining tables. The hand-poured and independently formulated glaze adds a touch of avant-garde elegance, making it a standout addition to your decor.

Size: 21H x 14W x 14D in

Each piece is hand made and unique, so there might be subtle differences in shape and form.