Creative Getaway

An immersive sanctuary for the soulful pursuit of artistry and expression.

Our story

On a quaint three-acre farm, Anuja found her artistic inspiration in clay, which led to an enchanting exploration into the realm of ceramics. Nestled between emerald fields and fruit trees, Aura offered her the kind of space, energy and imagination an artist needs to create freely.  As time went by, she longed to create a haven for kindred spirits, a place where artists from every corner of the globe could gather, collaborate, and find joy in creating amidst the warm comfort of nature.

Life at Aura

Acknowledging the relentless pace of artists’ lives, Aura was envisioned as a haven for collective creation but also as a respite—a place where artists could momentarily step away from the clamor of their busy worlds. Here, the rhythm of life slows down a bit, allowing you to rest, reset, and rejuvenate. Creativity as a natural outcome of an equanimous mind, body and soul is the quintessence of Aura.

Retreat Highlights

What to expect whilst here

The Private Residence

The villa will be your home away from home. Surrounded by lush gardens and serenity, and home to more than a hundred lifestyle ceramics, handcrafted in the studio, you can expect to immerse yourself in an elegant ambience and unwind in utmost comfort.

Feel at Home

A private double occupancy bedroom with two large picture windows and a beautiful garden view. Mysterious, magical, and elegant, the Phoenix room makes for the perfect room for your time off.

Blissful, Private & Secluded

A private double occupancy bedroom with a large picture window and a stunning pool view. Calming and nostalgic, the Kipling room is best suited to creatives and writers.

The Ceramic Studio

A fully equipped ceramic studio with tools, a kiln to fire your creations and an assistant to help set up your workspace. You might also find the artist and owner – Andy, working in her section of the studio.

Indulge in Cultural Exploration

Explore the rich tapestry of Indian culture, from visits to nearby historical sites to savoring delectable local cuisine. Our curated experiences will introduce you to the essence of India.

Workspace for a working holiday

Within our carefully designed workspace, you can attend to your office duties, manage emails, accounts, and settle bills, all the while looking out at the dense foliage. Your creative sojourn does not have to be an escape but a holistic experience where the demands of both work and leisure find exquisite balance.

Cozy up in the winter

Evenings are spent by the fire in the winter over wine & cheese. One of our favorite parts of hosting artists at Aura is spending a soulful evening exchanging stories and getting to know them better.

Personalized Attention

Our limited capacity ensures an intimate and tailored experience for you. Our dedicated team will cater to your every need, ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

Cool off in the Swimming Pool

The perfect cool-off for the hot summer months. Our infinity pool is open to our guests to use and enjoy. Grab a book & some beer and find yourself by the poolside.

Food and Beverage

Meals at Aura are home cooked, simple, nutritious and delicious. We use as many ingredients and produce from our organic kitchen garden and orchard as possible. Our organic kitchen garden is a treat for the senses. With over 25 different herbs, get a taste of the flavours that go into your home cooked, organic meals.

Never walk alone

Pets at Aura complete life here. Spend time with our adorable dogs throughout your visit. Fifi, Bosch, Bono & Ella are great companions for walks and time spent in the gardens, on the hammocks, or in the studio.

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